Justice in Amalia’s case

Bucharest, october 1st 2019. The European Center for the Rights of Children with Disabilities (CEDCD) has gained a strategic victory in the case of a student from Covasna, that has finally received a support teacher in the classroom.

  Amalia is a 3rd grade student at “Mihail Sadoveanu” Secondary School from Întorsura Buzăului, Covasna, and she has special educational needs. She has a light form of intellectual disability. For this reason, her parents have requested repeatedly the allocation of a support teacher for the child, since she started the primary cycle of education in the school year of 2016-2017. For 3 years, they were refused by the school and the Covasna County School Inspectorate, being told that it is impossible to establish a new position for a support teacher because of lack of funds. Another given reason was that “the school and the Covasna County School Inspectorate have to respect the number of positions imposed by the Ministry of National Education”. As a consequence, Amalia had to adapt to the requirements of the mass education system by herself, with no help provided, this process being really hard for her in the absence of an adequate amount of attention coming from a teacher.

  Following the process conducted by the CEDCD, the Covasna County School Inspectorate has notified the Court of Appeal Brașov regarding the establishment of a support teacher position for the “Mihail Sadoveanu” Secondary School, Întorsura Buzăului.

  We consider that the negligence of the Covasna County School Inspectorate/ the Ministry of National Education regarding this problem represents a serious injustice towards the child’s educational path, creating an obstacle for her, making her potential progress even harder for 3 years.

  The CEDCD continues the process in order to gain an explicit assurance of a support teacher for Amalia, because the anouncement of the new position has a general character, being unclear if the holder of the position will look after her in particular.



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