Justice has been done for little Mara

Justice has been done for little Mara


Justice has been done for the little Mara


Bucharest, 27 August, 2012 – The decision of the Ploiesti Court of Appeal – an important victory for the rights of children with disability


The Ploiesti Court of Appeal ruled a final positive decision for the little Down Syndrome girl and her family who contested the unjust evaluation of her disability degree.

Mara is almost 3 years and she was born with Down Syndrome. Although she is a wonderful child, she is not able to do most of the things that a child of her age does and, moreover, one cannot say that she is an independent child.

Despite this situation, the General Directorate for Child Protection and Assistance in the area issued a certificate that evaluates the little girl with a moderate disability, even though she is fully dependent by her parents and she requires special care.


The little girl family, supported by the European Centre for the Rights of Children with Disabilities (CEDCD) contested the unjust evaluation certificate, and after several hearings, the Ploiesti Appeal Court ruled in favor of the little Down Syndrome girl.

The resons for not providing a fair complex evaluation of the children by the Directorates of Social Assistance and Protection are mostly related to financial issues.

CEDCD draws attention on the fact that this approach by the institutions involved in children with disabilities’ evaluation is profoundly unjust and discriminatory because the monthly allowance provided for these children does not represent a source of income, but a minimal form of social protection meant to support the special intervention services for their particular needs.


„The state allowance for children with disabilities is not a favor or the result of the kindness of the evaluation commission. It reflects the degree of dependency of the child to an adult and the nature of his/her special needs”, declaresMadalina TURZA, CEDCD president.

European Centre for the Rights of Children with Disability salutes the decison of the Ploiesti Appeal Court and it expresses the hope that in the future the rights of the children with disabilities will make the object of a fair evaluation, both in the letter and in the spirit of the law.



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