One Voice for Disability Seminar Deva5th edition

One Voice for Disability Seminar - Deva- 5th edition

Bucharest, the 4th of March 2013. Over 80 people have participated on the 2nd of March at the One Voice for Disability seminar, organized be the European Centre for the Rights of Children with Disabilities in partnership with Longdon Down 2000 Association Deva and Down Syndrome Valea Jiului Association, at Deva.

CEDCD representatives have presented the UN vision in regards to disability, how the concept of disability must be understood in terms of human rights and adapted environment , and the main landmarks of the draft law an the rights of children with disabilities, initiated and proposed by CEDCD and the One Voice for Disability Coalition (OSCV).

Also, CEDCD representatives have brought forth into discussion the Purpose of the Coalition, the Platform and the Mandate, in order to collect suggestions, proposals and observations form the parents, local authority representatives and specialists.

The debates and the conclusion of the seminar have reflected the need for coagulation, but also the congruency between parents and specialists on the legal proposals and on the common course of the change.

Even though every seminar has been a unique experience, here, with the people from Deva, Lupeni, Vulcan, Aninoasa, Petrosani I have discovered the meaning of the words that say – The road towards the destination is more important than the goal itself. Every kilometer, every parent, every presentation made means a brick to the foundation of CHANGE”, declared Madalina TURZA, President of CEDCD.

Background information

The One Voice for Disability seminar, form Deva, is the 5th event of this kind organized by CEDCD, as a part of the Advocacy Campaign initiated at the half of last year with the purpose to propose and promote a new draft law for the rights of children with disabilities and to extend the Coalition, destined to this purpose.

Up until now, CEDCD has organized OSVD Seminars in Prahova, Buzau, Piatra Neamt, Constanta and Hunedoara Counties.

To this day, the OSVD Coalition unites 41 organizations form 18 Counties in Romania

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