National Relay for INCLUSION

Bucharest, November 6th 2019.  The European Center for the Rights of Children with Disabilities (CEDCD) has launched the National Relay for Inclusion.

Monday, November 4th 2019, the Relay has left Bucharest for #Timișoara and soon will reach #Arad.

Through this Relay, we, the parents of children with disabilities and the adults with disabilities from all over the country ask the Romanian decision makers, irrespective of their political colour affiliation, to join a PACT for INCLUSION.

The Pact for Inclusionrepresents a moral commitment to prioritize the respect for  the rights of persons with disabilities in all public policy actions through:

  1. The creation of adequate, sufficient and accessible early intervention and rehabilitation services in the community;
  2. Implementing inclusive education at all levels of education and providing the necessary means of support, accessibility, accommodation and modification in all schools in Romania;
  3. The implementation of transition programs to the labor market from the secondary school cycle, until the completion of the individual study stages;
  4. Changing the legal framework regarding a number of key aspects on the independent life of persons with disabilities such as legal capacity and facilitating access to the labor market (assisted employment);
  5. The allocation of funds that are necessary for welfare and social protection measures for children and adults with disabilities form the Central State Budget;
  6. The support and promotion in the European Parliament of the European civic initiative “Europe CARES” on the unitary regulation of inclusive education of persons with disabilities at European Union level through a Directive-



The PACT for INCLUSIONwill cross the entire country and will be signed by parents of children with disabilities and adults with disabilities from all Romanian counties, through the National Relay for Inclusion. The Pact for Inclusion can also be supported through the online petition, available at the following link:

In December 2019, at the end of the National Relay, we will invite the decision makers to sign the Pact for Inclusion, in Bucharest.


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