CEDCD notifies the Bucharest Prosecutor’s Office


Bucharest, 11 October, 2012. European Centre for the Rights of Children with Disabilities (CEDCD) notified the Bucharest Prosecutor’s Office in the case of SECOM Company campaign that instigates to hate and discrimination against children with disabilities.

During October 2012, pharmaceutical company SECOM launched a profoundly discriminatory campaign against children with intellectual disabilities and especially against children with autism and other elements of autistic spectrum. The company launched in the public and online space a video spot that can be considered an insult to the dignity and image of the children with disabilities and their parents.  

It is really shocking that, out of commercial reasons a private company is ready to instigate to hate and discrimination against one of the most vulnerable social groups in Romania. Expressions like – I hate my child because he has Autism- are unacceptable and it cannot be approached otherwise than in the light of the penal law”, declared Madalina TURZA, CEDCD president.

CEDCD is deeply concerned of this hostile and discriminatory signal emerged from the private enterprise sphere in Romania, knowing that social corporate responsibility should represent one of the top priorities of the companies. At the same time, we express our belief that the competent Romanian authorities will take into account when analyzing this case, the gravity of the possible consequences of these kinds of messages and campaigns as well as the danger of creating such a precedent in Romania.

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