Bogdan needs OUR help

Bogdan needs OUR help!

European Centre for the Rights of Children with Disabilities (ECRCD) has decided to support Bogdan DOBOSAN, the 6 years Down Syndrome boy who has been lacerated by a pack of street dogs due to the fact that he could ask for help.

Bogdan, like most of the Romanian children with Down Syndrome DOES NOT SPEAK! Not because he is not able, but because there are no adequate and accessible specialized services to help him learn speaking, that common thing that for the rest of us is so easy to attain.

Presently, Bogdan is in the Intensive Care Unit in a hospital in Timisoara, after having several surgical interventions to close his wounds. During the surgical intervention he has suffered a cardiac rest.

After the wounds will be healed, Bogdan will have another surgical intervention to replace the damaged tissues.

His parents need financial support to overpass this tragedy

ECRCD invites all those who understand the pain of SILENT suffering of a child who is the victim of indifference and the victim of a poor and inadequate system of services dedicated to the children with disabilities in Romania, to donate in the following accounts, mentioning „donation for Bogdan” or to contact us at:, tel: 0040737545955.




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